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Are you a hardworking mom who gets tired from trying to do everything right? Do you struggle to relax, making parenting a burden instead of a joy? This podcast helps you release the pressure and guilt, while offering practical parenting advice so you can be the mom you want to be...

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Stealing, sneaking and lying about it

Posted by Torie Henderson on  September 17, 2019

Question of the Day:

“Thanks so much for the podcast! I am really enjoying you approach and using it with my kids has helped a lot.  My almost 8 year old has been sneaking and lying for a couple of years now. I used to keep candy around the house but stopped because she would steal it and keep it under her pillow or bring it to school. She steals little

Grumpy Kid After School

Posted by Torie Henderson on  September 10, 2019

Ep 36 – Grumpy After School Kid

“Everyday after school, I feel like I’m walking on egg shells around my son. He’s 7 years old and in second grade. After school, the littlest thing can lead to a major meltdown. He says he HATES school and refuses to talk about his day. His teacher says he’s a great kid, learns quickly and follows every rule. When grandparents and friends ask him how he likes school, he shrugs and says, “It’s ok”. With

Nervous about the empty nest

Posted by Torie Henderson on  September 3, 2019

Question of the Day: Empty Nest

“I feel so strange. My oldest just left for college, my youngest has started her junior year of high school. These are busy and exciting times but I’m nervous about the empty nest. I distracted myself with the busy-ness of college but deep down, I just don’t want to think about what’s next for ME. I’ve had the same job for ages and it’s fine. My marriage and my friendships are fine. My health is fine. Being a mom

Lazy teenage sloth

Posted by Torie Henderson on  August 27, 2019



Question of the Day: Lazy Teen

Dear Torie,  “My 13 year old daughter is driving me crazy.  She lays around all day like a lazy teen sloth, scrolling mindlessly on her phone. When I ask her to do something, she’ll say “ok” but never does it. I arranged my life around these kids so they could have the best opportunities to succeed. When I see how unmotivated

Question of the Day: Middle School Worries

Today’s question is from a mom worried about her son starting middle school. “My son is starting middle school and I worry about all the things he’s going to be exposed to. Vaping, drugs, girls, social media, bullies, online porn, you name it, I worry about it. He is such a happy, sweet boy and I don’t want his peers to ruin his innocence.

Question of the Day: Mom Goals

“Dear Torie, School is starting soon and I am excited to get back to routine. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three and all of them will be in school full day. I’m finally going to have free time to do something for me, but I’m not sure how to spend this precious time! I want to exercise, socialize, read, watch movies, volunteer, but I’m also

perfectionistic teen

Perfectionistic Teen

Posted by Torie Henderson on  August 6, 2019

Question of the Day: Perfectionistic Teen

This is about Jenny and her perfectionistic teen: “Hi Torie, I recently started listening to your podcasts after finding Brooke Castillo from a friend.”  (If you haven’t heard Brooke Castillo’s podcast, I highly recommend it. She is one of my life coaching teachers and her podcast is called The Life Coach School Podcast. If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to check her out for sure.) Jenny says, “I’m fairly