Group Coaching Program for Supermom Alumni

You’ve completed the Supermom is Getting Tired coaching program and got a glimpse of what life coaching can do for you. You feel lighter and calmer. You aren’t so quick to react. You feel a deeper connection to yourself and your family. You have more clarity and focus about your future. You think life coaching was one of the best investments you have made!


But then life gets in the way: 

arguments, pandemics, hormones, work stress, monotony, uncertainty and messy houses.


You stop writing in your journal. 

Your self care habits fall away. 

Life is good, but you know it could be better.

You have more to offer. You love your family and really want to be the best version of yourself. 

You want to look back on this time of your life and feel like you made the most of it. 

No more wasting time feeling stressed, grumpy and overwhelmed. You are ready to take life coaching to the next level so you can feel calm, energized, and capable of handling any situation that comes your way.

I have created the perfect solution!

This is a special invitation to join a new group coaching program with Torie. It is by invitation only and designed specifically for Supermoms who have completed their individual 12 weeks and want to progress to the next level.

This Supermom Group Program will teach you the tools you need to coach yourself. By practicing self coaching in your own life and bringing your work to the group calls, you will learn the most valuable skill any of us can learn: how to manage your mind and emotions!

This group coaching program is exactly what you are looking for to help you feel calm and in control of your parenting, your relationships and your life.


October – Finish the year out STRONG by setting goals and focusing on life balance. November – Mind Body Connection. Empathy & Intuition. December – Holiday stress and difficult family members. 

October 15 Where am I out of balance? What are my dreams for my future? Set goals using Life Balance Wheel.

October 22 Follow up on goals set. Overcome resistance and obstacles to achieving your goals.

October 29 Building momentum towards your goals. How to identify as the new you. 

November 5 Understanding the mind body connection. Practice Body Compass exercises.

November 12 Follow up on body compass homework. What is your body compass trying to tell you? How can you use this information to make your life even better?

November 19  Intuition vs. Instincts. How to believe your own brain and what blocks your ability to trust. 

December 3  Managing stress and expectations during the holidays.

December 10 Time and energy management

December 17 Difficult Family Members


What you'll get...

Tangible ways to feel better and solve your own problems (no advice here!)

A judgment free zone designed to overcome resistance to self compassion (bring on the love!)

Coaching from Torie when problems arise (we all have our blind spots).

Support that comes from connecting with other moms who really get you. (positive peer pressure is a beautiful thing).

Friendships that nourish your heart and soul (because partners don’t always do it right)

A positive environment to escape to when life gets difficult. (because….kids)

Group accountability to help you accomplish your goals (let’s get the momentum moving!)

Practice using self coaching tools to change your life in beautiful ways. (A rising tide lifts all ships)

Group Course details

The Supermom Group program meets on Zoom for 90 minutes once a week for 12 weeks.

Yes, there will be homework assignments in between calls to help you master your thinking, feel your feelings, and accomplish the goals you want in your life. You will also have access to the group for support and encouragement in between calls.

The cost of this program is $899. Less than half of the price of the individual coaching package.

 Expect a small group of 6 – 10 Supermoms

I will record the sessions and make them available to listen to later. However, the success of a group program is really dependent on a commitment from everyone to be fully present and participative! As a sign of appreciation, I will give a FREE individual coaching session to those who have missed no more than one class.

Class will be held on Thursdays at 12:00pmPST/3:00pmEST, beginning Thursday, Oct. 15 through December 17. No class on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.