Leading Your Teen

Is your adolescent struggling?

  • Academic or social stress 
  • Anxiety or depression 
  • Moving, divorce, addiction, learning challenges

It is not unusual for a middle school or high school student to fall off track.

Watching your kid struggle is one of the hardest parts of being a parent. It's hard to understand what's happening and why. Should I back off or step in?

What's the right way to help my child get back on track?  

Leading Your Teen is an online class for Moms with adolescents who are struggling.

This class will teach you:

1. To release worry in order to gain access to your maternal instincts and know what the next right step is to help her.

2. How to hold a higher vision for your child so he can find purpose and meaning in his struggle. 

3. How to give your teen the gift of a peaceful, confident mom, no matter what challenges come up.

My name is Torie Henderson and I've been where you are. My teenager hit a wall at age 12 and could no longer cope with his life. I felt so confused, helpless and alone, trying to figure out how to help him. 

I was lucky to have my life coaching tools and community, but I craved support from other moms who had been where I was.  

With everything I learned, and every improvement he made, I promised that I would never let another mom go through this alone.

It has been a privilege to help many moms (and a handful of teens) navigate through major adolescent challenges. It's been so rewarding to help moms figure out what's happening, why it's happening, how to make meaning out of it and use it for our highest good.

Life isn't meant to be perfect. How we deal with challenges helps us grow into the people we are destined to be. 

I help moms let go of what was, appreciate what is, and take positive steps forward, so that everyone grows into a better version of themselves because of this adversity.

The Leading Your Teen class will give you.... 

⇒ Confidence that you are doing the right things to help your teen.

⇒ To release the fear and focus on LOVE.

⇒ The ability to feel happy and peaceful, no matter what your teen is feeling.  

⇒ A vision for your future, separate from parenting so you don't lose yourself and your teen doesn't feel pressured.

⇒ The ability to affirm and encourage your teen's health and happiness without denying their struggle.

⇒ Less stress and more peace, in your mind and at home!

This life-changing class requires a phone, a computer, and a kid aged 10-20.  You can remain anonymous if you choose to, and still benefit, however participation is encouraged.

  Leading Your Teen Masterclass

- 6 hour long group coaching calls

- 1 Free Individual Power Coaching Call (a $180. value!)

- Ongoing email support to practice skills

- A supportive, judgement free environment to learn and grow

- Powerful Insights and Tools to gain mental & emotional mastery

-Understanding of how your Instinctual Intelligence communicates with you.

ONLY $397.00

Leading Your Teen VIP Package

- 7 individual coaching sessions to make big and powerful changes. (a $263. discount!)

- 6 hour long group coaching calls

- 1 Free Individual Power Coaching Call (a $180. value!)

- Ongoing email support to practice skills

- A supportive, judgement free environment to learn and grow

- Powerful Insights and Tools to gain mental & emotional mastery

-Understanding of how your Instinctual Intelligence communicates with you.

For only $997. 

Leading Your Teen Masterclass will be held Monday/Wednesday nights 8:00pmPST (9:00pmMST)

Class 1 - Monday, Nov. 26 - Release the fear, frustration & worry - Learn the difference between productive and unproductive worry. Stop futurizing and catastrophizing we can deal with what's really going on right now. We'll work on taking back our Supermom power, figure out what we really want, and set intentional goals. We'll work on getting you and your kid on the same team. 

Class 2 - Wednesday, Nov. 28 - Emotional Mastery – If a healthy emotional life is the key to success, then my teen is screwed! Why are they so emotionally volatile? Is there anything we can do or say that is actually helpful? Emotions are contaigous. Let's make sure we are "infecting" our family with positive ones, not just "catching" negative ones. This class helps you create an emotionally intelligent teen and use mirror neurons for our benefit.  We’ll learn how Mama can STILL be happy, even when nobody else is, and why that's the best gift you can give your teen! 

Class 3 – Monday, Dec. 3rd - Instinctual Intelligence - How do I know when to trust my child and when to intervene? How can I have confidence in my parenting decisions? Should I do more or less to help her? We cannot shelter our child from crappy people or bad experiences, but we can teach our teen to listen to their own instincts by first learning to listen to our own. 

Class 4 - Wednesday, Dec. 5th - Parenting with Calm Confident Energy - This class will help you connect with your leadership energy and where you might not be aligned in your parenting. You'll practice setting clear, consistent boundaries from love and self confidence. We'll learn how and why to diffuse power struggle and how to engage your teens cooperation. 

Class 5 - Monday, Dec. 10th - Letting Go - This important class will help you separate your identity from your child's and focus on taking pride in yourself. As your child feels you releasing need, dependency and control, he or she will be free to be his or her best self. As you learn to love more and care less, you put yourself along on a spiritual journey and start creating a future that is even better than your present.

Class 6 - Wednesday, Dec. 12th - Creating a positive future vision - It's so easy to see our teens struggle and imagine a dismal future. This class will focus on creating a future vision you and your teen can be inspired by. We'll create a positive vision for YOUR future, separate from your role as mom, so that it's easier to feel successful and let go attachment to your teen.

"I used to get so frustrated with the constant negativity. I tried ignoring it but it was really bothering me. This class helped me understand that I was seeing signs of addiction and didn't know it. Now that we've addressed the core issue, my teenager is so much nicer and I feel more at peace."

"I was exhausted from constantly fighting with my teenager. Nothing I did seemed to be working. After working with Torie I am much more relaxed. I feel confident that I am making the right choices and there is so much more peace in our home."

"My son is dealing with depression and I thought I had no choice but to be depressed right along with him. I felt like a failure as a mom. I didn't understand what he had to be depressed about. This class freed me: to see what a great mom I am, to know how to help and to pursue a life I'm excited about. And it seems the more I create a positive future, so does my son."

"My daughter struggles with anxiety and I just didn't get it. It seemed ridiculous to get so worked up over nothing. Leading Your Teen helped me find compassion for my daughter. The more calm and compassionate I became, the more she relaxed and was able to find healthy coping skills."