Before you can make changes, you must first understand the problem.

If you are hardworking and responsible,
you may have fallen into the

The Supermom Trap

You can’t “self care” your way into becoming a more peaceful and present parent.No amount of mindfulness will keep you from yelling at your kids.No therapist or parenting book can give you the changes you are looking for.

Just like you can get burned out at a job, you can get burned out on mothering.

The never ending to-do list, never enough time for yourself, constant repeating and negotiating and constant cleaning up after other people, this monotonous life of a mother gets old.

But what do you do?

You can’t just walk away.

There is a solution

It all starts with understanding the Supermom Trap and the invisible kryptonite that keep you stuck in exhaustion and overwhelm. 

Overly responsible moms have these things in common:

1. Guilt - Difficulty taking time for yourself to do things you enjoy.

2. Self Criticism - "Shoulding" on yourself. Telling yourself you aren't doing enough now and you should have done better in the past.

3. Worry or Anxiety - Constant concern over whether things will go perfectly. Imagining future negative scenarios.

4. People pleasing, perfectionism, putting other's needs before your own, and self-pressure.

Learn more about Supermom Burnout so you can get more joy out of parenting your kids.

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Have you fallen into the Supermom trap?

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