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with Torie Henderson
Torie Henderson

Stages of quarantine-mom-burnout

Stages of Quarantine Mom Burnout Episode #66   Stage #1 Denial – This won’t last long or This is going to be GREAT!  I’ll clean out the basement, plant a garden, repaint the kid’s rooms, do some yoga videos, it’s going to be GREAT!   Stage #2 Life Simplified – There is some adjustment but … Read more…

Torie Henderson

Feeling bad for my senior

Episode #65 – It’s hard to watch my child be sad Question of the Day: “I feel so bad for my high school senior. We just found out there will be no school for the rest of the year. She had so many things to look forward to: dance recitals, prom, graduation and all the … Read more…

Torie Henderson

Feeling appreciated, even with a critical spouse

Episode # 64  I want to feel appreciated – coaching session Do you struggle to feel like your spouse really appreciates all the work you do? Are you a stay-home mom but feel like you have to “pull your weight”. Working really hard to do everything right, thinking you haven’t EARNED self-care? Then this episode … Read more…

Torie Henderson

Staying sane at home with kids (COVID-19)

Question of the Day: Any suggestions for how we all survive the next 3+ weeks without school due to COVID19? How do we stay sane? Jacqueline Parent Educator Answer:  Staying home with kids for 3+ weeks is actually a neutral circumstance. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this even though most moms would agree it’s … Read more…

Torie Henderson

Just go to bed already so I can get some peace!

I get home from a long day at work. After commuting home in bumper to bumper traffic, I am exhausted. I pull into my driveway and begin my second job: trying to get my kids fed, cleaned, and into bed. If they would just do everything I say, then I could relax. But they don’t. … Read more…

Torie Henderson

Interview with Dr. Dan Peters

Interview with Dr. Dan Peters When I was raising my sensitive, anxious, intelligent little boy, Dr. Dan Peters was a god send. He had an incredible way of explaining what was happening in my child, without making me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. So many parenting books triggered my inner perfectionist and left me … Read more…