My Story

I was an excellent parent... before I became one

Before Life Coaching

I had worked with kids for 10 years, taught in the classroom, read parenting books for fun, knew all about child development, taught pregnant teens, sex ed, yard duty, and summer camps.

I was PREPARED. I did my research. FOR SURE I was going to be great at this parenting thing. I was going to do everything RIGHT. 

But becoming a parent made me into a crazier, hyper-worried, stressed out version of myself.

On the outside, I looked like I had my act together but on the inside I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed. 

I was determined to be a “good” Mom and do everything “right”. I kept looking to outside experts but it seemed like the more parenting books I read, the worse I felt about myself. 


I loved being a mom more than anything, but I started to lose my confidence in the process of raising them. 

I felt stressed and overwhelmed one day, bored and restless the next. When I did step away to get a break, I didn’t know how to feel better, it seemed hard to relax.

I loved my life, I just wanted to enjoy it more and understand why I was so exhausted all the time.

I started teaching Parent Education Classes in my community. I loved connecting with other moms and learning how to be a great mom, but it didn’t help my perfectionistic tendencies. I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t the mom I aspired to be. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching was my answer. I fell in love with understanding my mind and how it works.

I reconnected to my essence, the part of me that got lost in the demands of raising children. I believe my mission is to help other parents do the same.

Under Martha Beck, best selling author and columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine, I trained and certified to work as a life coach. I continued my education with Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School and became a Master Certified Life Coach

Raising kids is going to make you feel things you don’t want to feel. Why not use this crazy-making time of your life to become the best version of yourself? 


This can be frightening or motivating. You get to decide.

Have more fun. Accomplish your goals. Enjoy your kids. 

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What I Believe

  • There is no substitute for knowing and living one’s truth.
  • Being a Mom is as crazy-making as it is rewarding and we all deserve as much support as we can handle.
  • Yoga has saved my sanity and my body on many occasions.
  • Few things feel better than being around people who “get you”.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with reality TV.
  • Loudly singing show tunes is the best cure for bickering siblings.
  • I have read countless parenting books and I still don’t have it all figured out.
  • Nature restores me every, single time.
  • We were all put on this planet for a reason and figuring out that reason feels pretty damn good.