SuperMom is Getting Tired

Are you overwhelmed?

Do you work hard all day, taking care of everyone else but still don’t feel like you accomplished anything?

You fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day and wonder, “When is it time for me?”

If you’ve ever thought, “How come I have to do all the work around here?” Then this program is for you.

Supermom is getting tired is a coaching program for Moms like you, who feel exhausted from carrying the burden of parenting responsibility. You want to feel accomplished, relaxed and in control but no matter how hard you work, there is always more to do.

It drives you crazy that no matter what you do, the kids still complain, your husband tells you to relax, yet nobody is helping you! The days when you felt in charge of your life, organized and successful seem like a very long time ago.

 You know, deep down, that you would love to relax and do less, but it just feels impossible. You think that if you didn’t do it all, it would never get done, and your kids, your house, your work would all suffer.

SuperMom is Getting Tired is a three-month coaching intensive specifically designed for hardworking Moms to put their superpowers to work towards what they really want: balance, fun, peace and accomplishment. You are very responsible and capable. It’s easy for you to take care everybody and everything. But you also know deep down you crave a feeling of calm, clarity and peace. You want to feel organized and in control. You know that when you are at your best, your kids are happier, your life runs smoother, and people don’t get on your nerves as much. The SuperMom is Getting Tired program will show you how to have what you really want.

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 Coaching Topics will be modified to meet the individual needs of the client.


What do you want? Sometimes we get stuck in old habits that aren’t serving us anymore. This session we’ll look at when the SuperMom cape comes in handy and when is it a good time to take it off? Once you discover your motivation, you get the power to decide what you want, when you want it, and how to make it happen.



How much time do you spend taking care of everyone else? In this session, we’ll take responsibility for what’s ours, let go of worry and control of things we have no control over. This class will set you free.



What is causing the exhaustion? You’ll learn the source of your fatigue and how to reclaim your energy.



Mommy Guilt: Why do we have it and how it prevents us from getting what we really want. Learn powerful guilt busting tools to get rid of it once and for all.



Whenever we try and make changes that are good for us, we are always met with resistance. Discover your go-to avoidance techniques and how to move past them to get what you really want.



If your family would just step up and do more, then you could relax, right? Did you know your supermom cape can dis-empower your family and make them LESS capable? This class will focus on getting you out of the way and helping your family discover their own superpowers.



Does it feel like you are always racing the clock? This class will create a peaceful and powerful relationship with time and your schedule. Want to feel organized and in control and still get a lot done? This is where it all happens.



Why is it so hard to relax? Why can’t you get down on the floor and play with your kids? This class will reconnect you to the playful, relaxed side of you that you’ve been missing.



Are your values and priorities aligned with where you spend your time? We’ll take a look at what is really important to you and see where your daily actions are out of alignment. As these line up, you’ll feel more purposeful and proud of the choices you make.



We all have fears about being a good enough parent, screwing up our kids, or watching them make bad choices as teens. Bring your parenting frustration and biggest fears to this call and learn to be proud of your job as parent, regardless of how your child behaves.



Increase your emotional intelligence. Whether it’s raising kids or surviving marriage and co-workers, life is easier when you have can understand your emotional life. This class will teach you where feelings come from, how to take responsibility for your own and help others deal with their feelings when they show up.



It’s time to dream and scheme about what’s next for you. Do you want to take up running again? Painting? Become financially independent? Find work you really love? Move to Hawaii? Learn the steps to go from dream, to goal, to reality.


Here’s what other SuperMoms had to say:

  • “I went to an ivy league school where I learned to work hard to get ahead. In fact, it felt like that was the only choice: “be quick, be smart, be efficient” or die. Until I worked with Torie, I didn’t realize there was something in between! I thought if I slowed my pace at all, I would become a lazy mess, unable to do anything. Now, instead of feeling like I’m barely keeping my head above water, I feel like I’m riding the wave. I’m in charge of my schedule, my emotions, my career path and my home life and it feels amazing. When I’m with my kids, I am fully present without being rushed. I’m still a Queen Bee, but coaching with Torie helped me enjoy my hive more and make time for rest, relaxation and delegation.

  • “I used to think ‘If someone would just HELP me out and do some of this work for me, then I could relax!’ I would not have believed it was ME who needed to change in order to get the relaxation time I craved. With Torie, I could see that I wasn’t allowing anyone else to help me, even when they tried. Now I make very deliberate choices with my time and energy. I still keep busy, but I don’t stress and I don’t feel guilty. My husband and kids are helping out (and I’m letting them!). I think the best part is I don’t feel like a slave to my to-do list. I had no idea how much energy I spent on being resentful.

  • “I love every aspect of my life: my husband, my business, my kids, my volunteer work, my social life, etc. But I felt like I was juggling plates and at any moment they were going to start crashing to the floor. Torie helped me realize that every time I felt like “something’s missing” I would add a new activity in my life. I learned that what I really craved was time alone with my children, without the au pair nearby or work calling. To solve my office overwhelm and my childcare needs, I put out an ad for a live-in au-pair who could do administrative work at my office two days a week, and take care of my kids three days a week. Tons of applicants! This was the balance I was looking for! I had to gain perspective first, and recognize my patterns that weren’t working for me anymore, before I could find the solution. I got rid of projects that were weighing me down and excelled at the ones I loved the most. I learned that as kids grow, my life will change and it’s okay for me to change with it. Life Coaching with Torie is the smartest thing any SuperMom can do.”

  • “I loved being a Mom so much that I quit my job right after my first baby was born. My life evolved around mother’s clubs, PTA, girl scouts, sports and I loved it. But when my kids were in middle school & high school, I started to get this nagging feeling like there was more I wanted to do with my life. I felt capable, I just didn’t know which direction to put my energy. I got a part time job but it just wasn’t fulfilling. Torie helped me figure out “what I want to be when I grow up.” It turns out, I always KNEW what I wanted, I just had a lot of reasons why it was silly, impractical, embarrassing, scary, you name it, I resisted it. Now I’m taking action steps towards fulfilling my dream. It’s exciting and scary but it’s just so ME. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and I just feel so excited all the time to have found my passion. I love that my kids see me as more than just their Mom and I’m proud that I am modeling for them that it’s important to go after your dreams.”