Why do conference planners love Torie’s workshops?  Because PARENTS love her!

“What a huge success your presentation was!!  I am still getting comments from parents about how much they enjoyed your presentation and how funny and entertaining they thought you were, yet so informative and helpful.  Many parents say they have already started implementing your strategies.  I especially love your advice about mirroring behavior, although I feel like giggling while doing it, it seems to diffuse the meltdown that was in progress, which is just dreamy!!!  Thank You, Torie!”

Torie Henderson: speaker, teacher, parenting coach

“Torie is an amazing speaker. Not only does she give great tips and suggestions, she helps me feel connected to other Moms.  Like I’m a part of this really cool team and it’s okay to relax and laugh at myself.”

“I was a little nervous about booking Torie to speak about sex education because I didn’t know how parents would react.  Those fears went away after the first two minutes.  Torie had us laughing and reminiscing about our own awkward adolescence.  The talk was packed with useful information and great strategies about approaching difficult subjects with our kids.  I now feel empowered and ready to be the parent I want to be.”


Torie Henderson is a popular speaker at Parenting Conferences, Workshops and Schools.  Listed are some of most requested topics but each can be geared toward the needs of your group and event.

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SuperMom is Getting Tired: Creating a better future for MomsTeacher, speaker, life coach for parents

Don’t let YouTube be your Child’s Sex Educator

Raising Sexually Healthy Kids

Raising Gracious Children

“You Can’t Make Me” Winning the Power Struggle

Preparing for Public School

“The Whole World’s Against Me” dealing with drama kings and queens

Media and the Mind

Time Management for busy Moms

Raising Happy Children in a stressed out world

Teaching Kids to be Safe without teaching them to be Scared

Raising Financially Savvy Kids

Understanding different Parenting Styles

Raising a Reader

Homework Without Hassles

Understanding different kinds of intelligence

Why siblings argue & how to stay sane while they do.

Understanding the Emotions of Adolescence

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Here is a list of fabulous places who have already hired her and gave rave reviews:

San Ramon Valley Unified School District Parenting Conference * National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs * Aplus+ Network Conference of Personalized Learning Schools * Mt. Diablo Unified School District Loma Vista Adult School * Contra Costa Parents of Multiples * Valley Parent Preschool * Parent Educator Program at Center for Human Development * Mt. Diablo Elementary School * Foothill Middle School * California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools * Creative Play Preschool * Rancho Romero Elementary School * MOPS Mothers of Preschoolers at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church * El Dorado Middle School * Pleasant Hill Elementary School * Hillside Covenant MOPS group * Strandwood Elementary School * Golden View Elementary School * Coyote Creek Elementary School * MDUSD Parenting Conference * Childtime day care * and many more…