Sex Education Classes

Is it Time for The Talk?

Puberty workshops for kids ages 9-12 and their parents

Most parents want to be the ones to educate their kids about sex but aren’t sure what to say or how and when to say it.  Meanwhile our children are bombarded with sexual images from TV, movies, friends, music, etc.  This is your chance to even the playing field.  This unique 6-week workshop is designed for you and your child to attend sex education classes together.  Parents hear the information presented in a relaxed environment, which helps them feel more comfortable with the topic.  Children learn that their parent is the one they can turn to for factual information.  Statistics demonstrate this type of parent and child sex education can significantly reduce the rate of teen pregnancy. The goal of this class is to provide factual information, while enhancing parent-child communication in a comfortable, fun, and safe environment.

Don’t be the Mom in the photo!

Parents Only Night: This FREE parent education night discusses the what’s, when’s, and why’s of talking to kids about sexuality and other related topics.  This is a great time to ask questions, review curriculum, and meet the instructor.  7-8:30pm in Walnut Creek, CA.  

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 At the FREE parent night, Torie will give a preview of the 5 week class for 9-12 year olds to take with their parents. 

Class 1:  What’s the big deal about sex? Anatomy & Physiology  (6:30-8:30)
Class 2: Puberty, Hygiene, Body Changes in Boys and Girls (6:30-8:30)
Class 3: Reproduction, Pregnancy, Birth Control, Media Messages (6:30-8:30)
Class 4: Talking about Relationships, Resisting Peer Pressure, Healthy Decision Making ( 6:30-8:30)
Class 5: Sexual Harassment, Sexting, Discovering Your Values, Future Planning ( 6:30-8:30)
Don’t let youtube be your child’s sex educator!

Here’s what others have said…

“I thought this class was going to be embarrassing but Torie made it interesting and fun.”  10 year old girl

“I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute in recommending this class to anyone.”  PTA president

“My Dad used to get embarrassed when I asked him questions about sex stuff.  He still gets a little embarrassed but now he tells me the truth.”  11 year old boy.

This co-ed class meets one evening a week for five weeks for a total of ten instructional hours at a cost of $238.  All classes are held at The Creek, the after school program on the campus of Foothill Middle School in Walnut Creek, CA. 

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Thank You!  Email me Torie (at) TimeforTheTalk (dot) com if you have any questions.