Leading Your Teen


Do you find yourself thinking?

– Why is it so hard for him to be nice?
– Why won’t she listen to me? I’m just trying to help!

– Can’t I do anything right?

You aren’t asking for much. All you want is: a peaceful home. a happy teenager. kindness.

But no matter how kind and supportive you are, nothing seems to be working.

Your son pulls away when you try to hug him. Your daughter gets annoyed and shuts you out. Simple questions get you eye rolls with the silent treatment.

It makes you wonder…Is it the cell phone? The video games?  School stress?  Social media? Is he smoking? How do I know?

Should I back off or step in? What’s the right way to parent a critical, moody teen who won’t talk to me?


Three steps to living with your teen without losing your mind.

​Step 1: Use life coaching tools to manage your thinking, become the emotional leader and create the home life you desire.

​Step 2: Build a new connection. Not with the child you raised, but with the adult your teen is trying to become.

​Step 3: Build a connection with the woman you want to be, separate from your identity as a mom.


Meet Torie Henderson

My name is Torie Henderson and I understand the challenge that comes with raising these perfectly imperfect teenagers. Through my Leading Your Teen coaching program, I have helped hundreds of moms, just like you, learn to love more & care less, about their teenagers. I help moms let go of what was, appreciate what is, and make the most out of this time in their lives.



Leading Your Teen online class will give you 

– The ability to feel happy and peaceful, no matter what your teen is feeling.

– Confidence that you are doing the right things to help your teen.

– The love the crazy teen you are living with today, while caring less about the details of his/her life.

– A vision for your future after parenting that you can be excited about.

– Less stress and more peace, in your mind and at home!

This 5-session teleclass is quick and effective. It will give you what you need to sail through adolescence with ease. At the end of the class, you will feel supported, empowered, and confident with the knowledge and clarity you need to lead your child through some potentially troubling years.

This life-changing class requires a phone, a computer, and a kid aged 12-20. We’ll take a quick look into the minds of adolescents with tips and tricks to help them (and you!) through the rough spots.

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Class 1 – Personal Power – What’s going on that causes them to act so crazy and how long will it last?  How can we manipulate them with our minds to get what we want? How do we know when to get involved and when to step back? We’ll learn to use mirror neurons for our benefit.  We’ll teach our teens to own their decisions, and claim their power.  We’ll learn how Mama can STILL be happy, even when nobody else is, and why that’s the best gift you can give your teen!

Class 2 – The Key to Success in Life – If a healthy emotional life is the key to success, then my teen is screwed!  Why are they so emotionally volatile? Is there anything we can do or say that is actually helpful? This class teaches you the magical tricks to creating an emotionally intelligent teen and creating an even stronger parent-child bond. Say goodbye to drama and welcome peace.

Class 3 – Parenting with Calm Confident Energy – This class will help you connect with your values and where you might not be aligned with them in your parenting. You’ll practice setting clear, consistent boundaries from love and self confidence. You’ll know how to tell if you are being a good mom, regardless of how your child behaves.

Class 4 – Instinctual Intelligence – Should I be worried?  How do I know when to trust my child and when to intervene? How can I improve my instinctual intelligence when it comes to my kiddos? This class will teach you the difference between productive & unproductive worry. We cannot shelter our child from crappy people or bad experiences, but we can teach our teen to listen to their own instincts by first learning to listen to our own.

Class 5 – Letting Go – This important class will help you separate your identity from your child’s and focus on taking pride in yourself and your accomplishments. As your child feels you releasing need, dependency and control, he or she will be free to be his or her best self. As you learn to love more and care less, you put yourself along on a spiritual journey and start creating a future that is even better than your present.

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The cost for this powerful, informative, and fun class is only $397! Think what you can save in therapy costs and individual life coaching! But Wait, there’s MORE!

Your class fee includes activities and email support in between calls, AND a 50-minute private coaching session with Torie for special focus on you and your particular teenager (a $180. value!).

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