Do you ever find yourself asking, “what the heck is going on with me? I used to feel so together and now I can barely tell which end is up?”  Maybe you used to have a clear idea of who you were & where you were going, but now you find yourself grasping to hold on to your old sense of normalcy.  Your old ways aren’t working for you but you haven’t yet figured out your new ways so you are stuck in what I call, ‘The Land of Crazy’.  Becoming a parent for the first time threw me into the ‘Land of Crazy’ but other life events can do the same.  Job changes, financial changes, relationship changes, and of course, raising children, can all turn the sanest of parents upside down.  My clients are good parents who realize that the best gift they can give their kids is a healthy and happy Mom or Dad.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on your team?  Someone who will help you through times when you need it the most?

I work with clients who feel worried or stuck. They hire me to help them find work they are passionate about, joy out of the mundane, purpose and meaning in everyday life.  Sometimes they have fears around money, child-rearing, health, career and life decisions.  I will help you get clear and moving in the direction you want. By pointing you towards your own inner wisdom, you will create the life of your dreams.  Let’s get started!

Here’s what others have said.

“In each session with Torie, I have always left with greater insight, and even better, compelled to make a change, think differently, or take meaningful action.” K.F.

“Torie’s coaching is style is quick and effective.  Best money I’ve ever spent.”  M.J.

“I learned more in one hour than three years of therapy combined.”  R.L.

About Torie

I was a great parent before I became one.  I had worked with kids for 10 years, taught in the classroom, read books, knew all about child development, taught pregnant teens, sex ed, yard duty and summer camps.  Even with all my experience and education, becoming a parent made me into a crazier, hyper-worried, stressed out version of myself.  I don’t mean certifiable, more like “what the hell is going on with me” and “what kind of alien has abducted the old Torie” kind of crazy.  I was determined to be a “good” Mom and do everything “right” and the only way I knew how to do this was to research, read, worry and try to prevent anything bad from happening.  Whether it was about kids, money, health or relationships, I believed that if I worried about something, it meant nothing bad would happen. At the time, I had no idea that all my anxiety and attempts to control, would serve a purpose in helping others.  My work as a parent educator began to evolve and when I added in some amazing life coaching tools, my whole world changed.  These tools feel like the keys to the Universe!   Thanks to the training programs of Brooke Castillo (Founder of The Life Coach School) and Dr. Martha Beck (best selling author and columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine) I have learned to release worry, embrace challenges, discover my purpose, and accept uncertainty. Raising kids drives us crazy enough to bring our issues to the surface.  Loving and wanting the best for our kids, motivates us to be the best parents and people we can be.  It is a privilege to be able to join you on your journey!

What I believe…

-There is no substitute to knowing and living ones truth.
-Being a Mom is as crazy-making as it is rewarding and we all deserve as much support as we can handle.
-I must always have kids in my life.
-I am incurably interested in other people’s lives.
-Few things feel better than being around people who “get you”.
-There are ways to make even the most miserable of tasks feel much better.
-We were all put on this planet for a reason and figuring out that reason feels pretty damn good.
-Nature restores me every, single time.
-Parents are my peeps.  I love ‘em and their kids, too.
Coaching & Classes